finally a loves challenge I can get exited about, pretty much everything I draw fits under this header and I really want to get a few old sketches and wips finished up for it. If anyone's interested I will post a few of said sketches and wips up in here soon to try and help motivate me. suck my jaggon bitches!


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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Sketches! :-D I'm excited about this challenge too. Even if I don't get the chance to participate, I'm excited about the entries because I know there are going to be great things to be had.

Dan Yingling

awesome. can't wait to see them!

sweet n sour
sweet n sour profile pic Alumni
palitosci said:

yeah! loves challenge!!!

dead to Disney, Marvel and others sad contest!

you knows it dude

Dan Yingling

The real question is how many of them am I going to want to get tattooed?

sweet n sour
sweet n sour profile pic Alumni

john I have loads of unfinished stuff kicking around, I'll email you some to choose from tomorrow if you like

P0ckets profile pic Alumni

Love your style - look forward to seeing what you've got for this!

Congrats on the upcoming print with QBF!

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