Goblin idea for monster challenge, feedback please!

so i got this idea of making a goblin hanging from the t shirt, i know the folding of the shirt looks a lil bit odd so i was hoping you could help me with tips so i can improve that, any other feedback will be appreciated :D

The goblin

on a t shirt

Watch this

maybe you should try to put the monster as it was in the pocket of the shirt - and draw the other pocket as well (?) anyway, like your style : )


Really cool concept!!

To critique, I think the lines he's hanging on look more like the grains in wood - They need to look bigger and looser...?

Other than that, awesome idea!


thanks!! yeah i thought about putting him in a pocket put the shape he is in makes it kinda awkard to change

im gonna try making the lines bigger and looser, i will upload the update when im finished, thanks!


here it is with bigger lines

i also tried giving the lines more light, whatcha think?

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