"The Zombies Are Here" - Very first post, very first submission, very first request for critique!

Ahoy hoy! I thought I'd jump the gap and finally begin submitting my designs for Threadless! First and foremost, I hope you can help in critiquing these old zombies here :D

This drawing I aught to add is ollld. Like, 2008 old. I'm not into altering portions of this, as it's pen and paper -- I'd be more inclined to redraw the entire thing if the composition warrants for it. For now, it's a black ink illustration, and colour scheming is something I'm avid in discussing.

Watch this

looks freaking awesome, if you polish it and maybe redraw it using some dark green and put some shadows into it you could have an incredible design right here

Emilee Beeson

Hey! I just posted my first design idea too.

Everyone loves zombies right? I am really into this line work. I think it works well with the theme of rotting deteriorating skin. I would stay away from the ultra polished style that is popular with a lot of treadless designs but there is a lot you could do to kick this up a notch.

As for the composition I think it is interesting on a piece of paper but I dont know how well it would wear on a tee. Maybe they could grow and branch into a shape. Maybe a brain?


I'll pop up an update with an extra layer for practice - I agree that it doesn't rest as well as it should. Actually giving it an ulterior shape, like the brain is a good idea, seeing is how having something more to interpret helps in reading it.


I'm no artist, but I think it might look cooler if the zombies were reaching for something on the far right of the shirt. Say, a little girl or a brain, hahaha. But anyway, I'd buy this if it ever got printed!! Very cool design. 5$


looks cool, so far


Update! Considering the submission button doesn't jam or run out of batteries, I can't see how it would hurt to continue working on this as well as one of a variation :)

Changed the scheme, as I should have matched it to an existing shirt colour, heh

Morkki profile pic Alumni

I'm not a fan of the shirt color but I do like the linework. This might look nice with just blue on a gray shirt. Maybe heather gray even.

Musarter profile pic Alumni

I, too, like the style. I also like the larger placement. On top of that has been said, I would try a version that is one color, the dark blue being a dark shirt color and the light blue being the ink color. Then maybe add some white, or lighter, highlights (some shine, some glowing eyes) if you feel so inclined.


Popped in a few tertiary variations, as well as the blue on grey. Thoughts?


To be honest, I'm still fond of the original cream yellow, and the orange and grey samples are my personal picks. I don't want to draw too much attention to the zombies themselves, rather the composition in it's colour form.

I should have mentioned, thanks everyone thus far who have commented! Seeing how easy it is to play around with these elements, I would like to hang around the threadless forums more often!


Dude, my brother is totally in love with this shirt, Awesome job! I personally like the yellow on blue:)


This is so badass. I personally fell for the version on the burgundy-ish shirt.

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