Have a Narly Day.... Up for voting!

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Emilee Beeson

I think your illustration is really cute and the word play is clever. Work on your type though. You could kern between the a and the v. In general the weight of the typeface is kind of awkward. Have you considered drawing the type by hand? It looks like you have the skills to do it.

You could also consider having the words come out of a speech bubble. Right now it is dominating your delicate illustration.


I agree with you Emilee, I was just too lazy to admit to myself that I needed to draw the text. lol


This is a cute and simple design. The color and the textures are nice and I'd have to agree with Emilee, perhaps a dainty/ curly type that echoes the gold curls would be a better choice.


Absolutely love it!

Might look better if the Narwhale was curved around the text a little more? No idea if thats possible of course. XD


Okay, so I added the word bubble, all the fonts I drew looked sloppy, so I picked these, i think they go with the swirly "vibe" let me know what you think! :)


I LOVE this last blue t shirt! great work!


I like it a lot better now with the speech bubble included, and that font works much better too.


Very good improvements to the text treatment and the blue shirt is definitely the best color choice.


Blue shirt of narwhale awesomeness, the text works much better now!


Okay, so I submitted it with the blue shirt, plus this sweatshirt! Wish me luck!


My Roommate is pretty nuts right now for that sweatshirt - Best of luck wif your design!

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Very pretty. I really love it. I only wish you had drawn your own lettering rather than use an existing font. It just looks to clean and straight and perfectly aligned ... like it doesn't go with the pretty organic feel of the drawing.

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