So I asked my daughter to help me think of a monster for the new challenge.

Let's see how this goes.

Watch this

so cute!

ourgraphicfaith profile pic Alumni

Fantastic! I would like to see how this will look when completed!




Haha the easiest way to find a golden idea is to ask the kiddies

campkatie profile pic Alumni

that's great! What is she going to do with all that money :)

Musarter profile pic Alumni

I used to do that exercise with my son a lot. Kids come up with the best monsters and aliens everytime. When you submit this you must list her as your collaborator. :)

Jordan_Bender profile pic Alumni

Haha yeah, I'm going to ask her to make up some more for sure. She could have one heck of a 4th birthday party this year if we win! haha

Jordan_Bender profile pic Alumni

Ok I asked her for a new monster. These are her exact words: Long hair Girl monster Long long long long hair Big big big big horsey ears Twinkly twinkle eyes (haha wut) Hairy and spikey Green spikey tail Frog feet Dress, crown and tiara


Hahaha! I love the idea of using your kid's imagination to help you with the creative process! I need to exploit that resource from my nieces and nephew before they become no-good pre teens!

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

very belated: lil'm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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