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I got a mail asking if i'd like to do an illustrative piece or 2 for a magazine. Now I don't do this professionally or even as a freelance. I told them I wouldn't mind, but I have no idea how much to charge.

I don't want to be working for free since that probably isn't fair to the guys who do it as a job, so any advice on the going rates?

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For me just starting out in the real world, I normally do $15 - $25 / hr. Never charge $10/hr or lower since you might as well be doing it for free.

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thanks! i've never done any magazine stuff before.

would you suggest a per hr or per project basis?

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I've never done one either, but if it where me I would suggest per hr, but you could go either way.

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ugh, i hate determining prices. for some companies it's better being on a per project basis but then sometimes i've made more hourly. sorry, not much help i know, but i feel your pain. just don't sell yourself short. check online for different rates/fees that people are charging....they're all over the place....maybe find a high and a low and choose go for the middle ground?

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I would personally determine the price based on what they want / need. Then consider how long it will probably take and how much I feel I should be payed by the hour. Is your skill worth 20, 30, 50 dollars an hour? Or depending on the size of the company, how enthusiastic they are, whether the project will contribute to my portfolio, and how much I actually want to do the job, I will try to discount the estimate on a varying scale. Under no circumstances would I take less than $50 for an illustration, even if it took less than an hour. There are always many factors to consider.

Whether you price by the hour or by the project is up to you. That said, most clients would prefer a per project price so their cost is not open ended.

I hope this helps.

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