Newbee Critique please.

So i'm a total new comer to T-shirt Design but I have a pretty firm background in art, I'm interested in art that's a little different and sparks a little thought. This design in particular is related to Apocalyptic idea's in the present.

Any critique is highly urged as I don't know if I should proceed in this direction or stray away! Thanks in Advance, Dyllan.

Watch this

I like this as a start, but I think it needs a direction. That's the best critique people gave me when I started. Your shirts will do a lot better if they say something to the audience. Interested to see how this will end up! Good luck!


I agree with ashtrash. It's a cool layout for something but I'm not getting any apocalyptic feeling from it, really. Are you thinking of referencing the Doomsday Clock with this?


Thank you for the feedback guys, I appreciate the comments.

To Josh thats exactly what I was going at, I used a plate of big ben to get the general shape but I used a render to create the colour blend at the back. The apocalyptic similaritys was purely down to the colour palette.


Right on. I definitely think you need to push the Doomsday aspect into the forefront more. Showing the hands of the clock being close to midnight is one way, but even with that it wouldn't quite be clear enough. Definitely keep pushing it, you'd be surprised what can strike you after you let an idea stew for a bit. :)

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