SIX subs to the Monster Contest, check it

I've been gone for so long, I feel like an outsider again :-O

Hey everybody, it's been pretty much a year since I've been here but I just completed a series of illustrations based on the seven deadly sins and Jeremy and Justin encouraged me to sub them so I thought why not :)

Which of these, if any, would you wanna see on a shirt? What's everyone up to anyway?

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jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

Victor!!! :D i see all this on facebook and they make me happy

moulin bleu
moulin bleu profile pic Alumni

Jeffrey G-money! I miss you guys.

Robo I will try to make that happen for you buddy

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

miss ya around here!

dudeowl profile pic Alumni

Amazing stuffs!


Already saw some of these on dA and S6. Looks amazing. I think all would look great on a tee, but maybe first two, the fifth and seventh would be best. I've to say you improved a lot in almost an year, man. Congrats on your skills.

quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni

Hey Victor! Looking good mate, I like the top one, might be nice with some sort of pattern inside, fading from bottom to top?

speakerine profile pic Alumni

Hey!!! We missed you!! Amazing serie, I would say sub them all!

Et ca manque grave de français ici!!!

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

These are awesome! The first one is my favorite. :-D


hi and welcome back and pretty arts :)


hi, hello, hey! awesome work up there! ^

soloyo profile pic Alumni

WOW are this for the Create your own monster Challenge????????????


its def getting printed!

moulin bleu
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Woah there's a monster challenge? I'm freaking all about monsters!

Thanks for the feedback and warm welcomes e'rybody, I forgot how awesome yall were...

@John, good call, I like where your head's at @Morkki dude they're finally printing you, good for you man @Michele, thanks for keeping up with my nonsense man, haha @Rick, it's been an awesome year, learned a lot and I'm not slowing down anytime soon @speakerin, n'est-ce pas? Ils sont tous a lafraise ou pampling peut-etre?

I'll try to upload some of these this weekend...seriously thanks guys

moulin bleu
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also if anyone's curious, here's my blog, where I post what I've been up to...

I still creep on yall too haha, you guys were my first artistic family :'-)


oh man these are fantastic! Welcome back! =)

moulin bleu
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Question: how long does it take until submissions go up for voting? I forget...

moulin bleu
moulin bleu profile pic Alumni

other question: do they still do selects? (4 prints= free print)?

otrom profile pic Alumni


moulin bleu
moulin bleu profile pic Alumni

thanks for the comments guys

moulin bleu
moulin bleu profile pic Alumni

so Wrath is finally up...

anybody know about that select thang? jus wonderin

moulin bleu
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just scored all the monster subs, saw some cool stuff by sweet n sour, tonyriff, and randyotter...

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