Hi! I'm new to this and I just got my first decline. Can you guys give some advice to how to approve?

Hi guys!
I got the email that my design has been rejected. I know it's a little late to try to fix and resubmit but I'd love some tips on what needs improvement.

Please don't be too mean >__<
I'll try my best!

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My thoughts: 1. the image looks a bit unrefined, too sketchy. 2. The colored pencil look combined with the gradients seems like a clashing of styles. 3. The design does not integrate onto the shirt well. that faded border and the squared off bottom look hasty, and the design looks funny extending all the way to both sides. 4. I like the patchwork pattern in the background. Maybe another design could incorporate more of that. 5. The western man in black and white doesn't stand out against the gray shirt. Also it's a bit unclear why he's B/W and the Eastern man is in color (although i guess it's part of the 'world's collide' theme).


I really like it, because of the weirdness, the little wtf!-factor, but I don't really think it fits here on threadless. But, that could possible change. a few tips: because of the fact the brown horse is cut off, it more looks like just a picture putted on a t-shirt, instead of a t-shirt design. I'd also change the grass on the back a bit.

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