need tips for approval

i am new here and i keep getting declined due to not being up to the standards, so i need tips on how to get my design approved.

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I am new myself, but I might be able to give some tips about the drawing. At the moment it looks more like a sketch then a finished piece of art. Mainly due to the unevenness of the black lines. Besides that, the shadows don't add depth at the moment because 1)they aren't really noticeable, 2) shadows usually consist of a bunch of colors (when the light has warm colors, the shadows are usually cold colored and vice versa for when the light is cold) 3) have one lightsource. At the moment the light seems to come from the upperleft corner, but the shadows above the eyes are really deep. I hope I did make sense =3 and I wish you good luck!

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First thing's first is that you need to think to yourself "Would other people wear this?" Thing about things that you've seen Threadless print and also think about how it would look on a shirt. For me, being a lady, it would look like my boobs were not having a good day. Also, work on your line quality and make sure you're working at a super high resolution (300 dpi at minimum). Two things that do really well at Threadless and they are 1. Great concepts (puns, references, things people can relate to) and 2. Art that is done in a great/unique style and that just looks amazing on a shirt. These are those shirts that you didn't know you wanted. There are exceptions, of course, but there you go.

Hope this helps.

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