Our East Meets West "I'll Eat You" design collaboration. Help us get printed!

Hey Threadpeeps. I am pleased to unveil our new design for the East Meets West challenge, "I'll Eat You. You'll Fear Me." (sung to the Barney "I Love You" song, of course.) Go score it!

I came up with the idea for the design which pairs the Eastern Godzilla and the Western Barney, the purple dinosaur and approached our community with the challenge of collaborating on it the artwork. I was lucky and humbled enough to get the attention of Jordan Bender (JordanLBender) and Dan Fajardo (dandingeroz), who are awesome printed Threadless artists. I was super honored to work with them and watch them work.

The idea came a long way with their help and I hope you'll take a moment to score it if you like it. I'd love to help Jordan and Dan get to Tokyo as part of the prize. And I'd love to get my first Threadless print!

Thanks to Jordan and Dan. Let us know what you think and please vote for us on this 3 way collaboration. Enjoy!

Watch this

This is so so awesome :D $5!!!!




Hahaha I really like the contrast of styles

Jordan_Bender profile pic Alumni

Ok, is anyone else surprised at the lack of votes on this?! My other submissions have DOUBLE the votes and they haven't even been up for scoring as long! Whats the dealio?

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