little survey: driving test / I PASSED IT!!!!!

How many times did you fail before you get it ??
I failed 2 times, and having my third chance tomorrow. I'm scared..!!

Watch this

I did not fail luckily, and I took the driving licence more than three years ago which mean I CAN DRINK!!!! Buahahahah! But only 'till 0.50 :(

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Depends on the state.. although I don't know about international driving tests. I passed first time in NJ and in CA (I passed multiple times but every time you move out of state and back in they make you take the stupid tests again)

WA state was the hardest. They had lots of technical questions with multiple right answers.. just some were "more" right than others. They also had questions worded very tricky so it was hard to know exactly what they were asking to choose the right answer. I failed that one like 3 times before I passed.


Whoa! I didn't know in the U.S. there are different test for every state! For an Italian (and I guess even a European) tourist that come to the U.S. is only required the international driving licence, that is no more than a translation of our licence in multiple languages.

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Second try was the good one… first the guy told me to turn left in a one way street… I obliged his request! /P GOOD LUCK!


I failed my learners and my drivers once each :(


i failed zero times. i scored 100%


on my test, not on the instructor.


yay! did you wear the cntrl+Z tshirt?



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