Yaarrr! Critique please on this scallywag! :)

I'm thinking about removing the text. The text bothers me. I'm afraid though that noone will understand that it is an aye aye. Who is a captain. What do you think?

Any other critique is very welcome!

unfortunatly the quality is a little bit low due to the fact where I stored it online, especially noticable on the red parts. It's perfectly fine normally. :)

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Musarter profile pic Alumni

Funny idea and nice style. I would suggest connecting the arm to the body by eliminating some of the blue line on the shoulder. Conceptually speaking, I think if you gave him an eye patch and a bandana on the head (or Pirate Hat) it might work better; although the life-preserver may no longer make sense. What I am saying is, people like pirates.

Stefbros profile pic Alumni

Thank you very much, that's a very good idea! I see what you mean, and it will indeed be an improvement to reduce that line.

Pirates are indeed awesome. It might be too much work though to totally re-pirate this aye-aye, and the life-preserver would be silly indeed. Maybe ill just give him an patch and a anchor tatoo or something.

Greatly appreciate your critique.

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