2 designs submitted for ASG - Feedback?

I forgot I could post my ideas and the forums and get some feedback. Oh well, better late than never.
Here's a link to the first one:
Natural Rockstar
the details

And here's design number two:

I'd appreciate any feedback. It's probably been about 5 years since I first submitted, so hopefully there's a change in quality from those two currently listed on my account.

Watch this
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Both are cool. I personally like the Radioactive one better. Black is always a good call, as opposed to white, on Threadless. This design is ready in my opinion.

Natural rocker could possibly use different color combinations. Right now it is not really popping. You may want subtle, I do not know, but if you don't want it subtle, try messing with the color.


Thanks; I took your advice and switched up some of the colours on the bird. I'll put up links to them later.

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