When You Meet Up With Your Ex... WITH betsym's Snitch Necklace!!

When you go to meet up with your ex that you broke up with like 4 years ago... you try to look somewhat okay.

Featuring (prays to the posting gods) Betsy's Snitch necklace!! The goshdarn thing wouldn't post in the other blog even though I tried on and off for weeks to get it to.

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Cool Necklace, . . you are meeting with an ex?


He's being really careful...

At first he suggested McDonald's for dinner as a joke, and then when I agreed (jokingly), he became very, very cautious in then "suggesting" (as if it were ever a question) a sit-down place.

This is the same dude who thought I was for surrreal when I suggested the Hannah Montana Concert Movie for our first date.

When we did date, we dated for almost 2 years though... he's a good dude. It'll be nice to see him again.


Yeah... I dated him for almost 2 years.

That necklace is the shit. It has a little message inside that says "I open at the close." It's THE SHIT, I tell you.


Make him beg, Becks!!!

I mean, good luck ;)


You guyz are silly and I heart youse.

Bio-bot 9000
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you got like dragon blood in that medallion? cuz dragon blood be all the rage.


We're not getting back together! lol

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OwlsOnTheBrain said:

We're not getting back together! lol

Like, ever?


No, and there will be woodland creatures smiling and singing about, GODDAMNIT.

OwlsOnTheBrain said:

We're not getting back together! lol



We aren't! He's rad and stuff... but when I told him about my volunteer work last time we jung out (circa... May 2012?) he said "I've never been one for all that save the world stuff."

Direct quote.



Yes. We Karl Jung out.

Grrrrrs @ self


I guess I didn't properly clarify what he should be begging for...

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I so want to know where that snitch necklace came from. I'm in love :D

Also I have zero suggestions since my husband is my boyfriend from hs and we went to prom together and never dated anyone else hehe.

But friends are nice as long as he's sincere in the only friends thing.


There is once , one of my EX invited me to visit her city....with her....i dont know whats that mean, so i didnt come at all. it' s better to keep a safe distance between past and present.

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I never see my exes since I moved away from texas


there was only one ex that i went back to occasionally. after him, i made it a point just to cut my losses. they were mean to me anyway.


I'm in the same boat as Lori. I'm useless with any sort of advice that doesn't involve marrying your first boyfriend.

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