Properly creating psd from watercolor


This is my first attempt at designing a Threadless shirt. I have created a design using watercolor and pen and would like some tips on how to convert this to a psd. Threadless states that it would like to have a layered psd file, but that seems difficult from a scan of a watercolor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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don't ask me, i'm an illustrator user. but i'd imagine you'd have to select each color and save it as a different layer? unless you're doing a simulated process print?... i don't know though...

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illustrator is not the preferred method by threadless designers... it takes a lot longer to do a vector drawing instead of just drawing on paper and scanning in. but at least you don't have to separate layers in illustrator

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Seeing as there's no way to separate water colours I can only presume that simulated gradient style prints don't require separation, but I wouldn't be 100% sure now.

Hope someone who's had experience helps you out soon

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you should bother someone like Mathiole for this.


Illustrator will not help with what you need :I I hate using illustrator, if youre going to invest in a program invest in photoshop :) You can do all kinds of nifty stuff in it that will be helpful for things you may want to scan in. Is the watercolor meant to be on the whole shirt or is it an illustration that will be limited to one area with definite outlines kind of like this watercolor design:

If its the second option I believe you can just simply go in with photoshop and create a transparent background using an eraser or magic wand to get rid of the white area around the illustration. I would assume the only reason they would want a layered psd version is for a transparent background? (seriously- if anybody knows please correct me if Im wrong :) )

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