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A declined design - can I ask for your opinions?

Hey people..
This is a Doctor Who based design, is was declined saying I need to develope it more.
So, I'm asking for your suggestions!

Please help out?

Watch this
digsy profile pic Alumni

i'm currently far more fascinated by your choice of image host

as for your design... i'm not a Dr Who fan so i'm probably the wrong person to ask, but I don't get it. Maybe it's way more familiar to fans but at the moment it just looks lke an angry monster statue of liberty and i think it needs a bit more concept than that, and while you've got shade and light etc done nicely, the details feel a bit muddied

digsy profile pic Alumni

PS - consider a flickr or photobucket account otherwise people will start avoiding your links in case they're NSFW

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the porn


HOLY.... Im so sorry I didn't even notice that. Will change the link ><

digsy. Thanks for the opinion about the design still.. Yeah, mostly Doctor Who fans would get it, but even not DW fans can like something like this, no?

Wharton profile pic Alumni

You didn't notice, a likely story, bro.

Basically, what Digsy said.

kokloyo profile pic Alumni

I think you should take more hours in composition and detail bro.

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