Going offline until the big move, time to pack! Bye!

The title says it all. Mostly. Be back soon. Don't miss me too much.

Your pal,

Watch this

Everytime you go away...you take a piece of meat.. with you...

wait. what??

Happy packing & moving!! :)


My meat will be in California, it wont be lost.


*nods Noted.

Will you be there for Winebacons??


i'll be there feb 1st, I havent followed anything about winebocon, so I dont know whats going on with that

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Yay good luck! Hope to see you around LA / OC sometime!

I wish I could go to the Winebocon... Although I like Twiggy's "WineBacon" too :P two very yummy things lol

Stupid real life interfering with my having fun :( But if anyone flys out of Long Beach I should be able to make it there even if it's just for like beer or coffee or something.


shpanks...yeah I don't know that i'll have the time or the money immediately after moving out there, and its a couple hours away and I dont have a car, but I fully intend to meet up with lots of people over the coming days


this is the final countdown...my computer is like the beating heart of my current place...


The final countdown?

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