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Does any body have any suggestions for the me so I can at least get one of my ideas pass through the Thread judges? I've submitted this idea twice and they still say it is not good. When I have sold this idea myself at street fairs on cards and t-shirts.

What is Threads looking for? I look through their site and there is a variety of ideas so hard to pin down what they really like.

Thank you,


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Well having sold it already yourself you can't sell it here. Threadless designs are exclusive to threadless. If they choose to print something they ask you if you've sold the design before.

As a side note I can't critique your stuff cause the photo is not showing.

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Hey man,

Your design looks pretty good as a card. Things that could improve to make it to scoring: Art could be more refined and the concept could be funnier if there was some text that made a point. Right now I see a Gary Larson like version of American Gothic; is there something else to this design I am not getting? Is there some kind of statement to be made? Or is it funny just because.

These are my honest observations and I hope they help.

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