Bombs away! Critiques would be very appreciated!

bombs away design, it´s not done yet - maybe add some shading? another color shirt, everything would be great response :)

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I think some highlights and cloud detail would add some depth and character to this.


Great idea!! Maybe indeed add some depth . (:


Maybe a second layer of light or shadow on the skull cloud, but other than that, I love it! ^^


a almost "totally" redesign of the skull, made the skull different and added second layer of light grey infront on the base! so, good upgrade from the original or need still need some work?

It doesnt really feel like, " ready for submission" yet....

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Great idea, but I think the first version is def better. Try playing with some shadow.


i think the 2nd is better. not sure, but maybe adding a shadow of an airplane would work


I also prefer the first one. If you could get an effect like this it would be amazing.

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I don't know . the whole concept seems to be backwards to me. Shouldn't the bombs be falling on the X and the cloud forming from it????

Stefbros profile pic Alumni

I like the first one best. I like the lighter clouds of #2. Maybe you could add those lighter clouds to #1 but with a dark line as thick as the lines of the bombs (or somewhat thicker) so that the crossing bones are also existing of lighter clouds?

If you get what I mean, with my bad English.

Like the idea. Like it.


I prefer the second version. It gives the idea of the smoke coming out from the explosion.


The drips on your design should look more dippy, that way I can believe that the bombs are actually falling from or originating from the bones...other than is a very clean design.


great feedback guys! Will consider every idea and work on it :)


Both look pretty awesome but I like the first one better. Just a personal oppinion in case if anyone cares! ;-) Keep it up!

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