Would really love some crits on this please <3

Hey all, I would love your comments on my "denim bunny" t-shirt. The design was created using a scanned denim texture (the dark parts are the font and the light parts are the back of the fabric).

It's my first time doing a tee and I'm not sure if the simple concept or cute appeal fits in here. What do you think? Any other crits?

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You've got a nice style. I think the Bunny's white parts are a bit lost on the white tee. It is a cute design, but theres not a lot going on. Threadless tend to like either fantastically beautiful things or cute/ smart scenarios. I think your bunny needs a scene.

Hot model.

spacesick profile pic Alumni

I agree with wharton on everything. also I think it looks really cool and unique.

hot pocket.

spacesick profile pic Alumni

holy friggin crap I just looked at your site. you are shemazing.

Wharton said:

It is a cute design, but theres not a lot going on.

Hot model.

I was afraid of this, thanks for your honest feedback. I'll try to think of something to make the denim finish relevant too. The model was from the threadless photobucket group, username buttski :)

Shucks spacesick! ...I have to say I'm out of my comfort zone with tees!

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