Critique on my new design please UPDATED AGAIN

Hey guys, I'm trying to get a first design printed here, and I would really love some honest feedback. For my design I've gone for something kind of cute, with the little guy saying "I mustache you a question".

I cant seem to get the image to show on the forum the link is here if you cant see it

I have added in tiny strokes to his body to try and make that textured vector look. Tell me what you think, any suggestions that can make it "pop" a little more would be great.

And now with a different body color as suggested. I feel like I may prefere the new design. But its not quite finished. Which body shape is best?

Watch this

Hah! Love it. Really cute, really simple. Strangely stylistic too!

I'm really not sure what to suggest! I don't think you'd want to add too much more, as obviously it would derive from the style you're aiming for. Maybe just tidy up some of those edges?

Really like it. :]

sweet n sour
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click on the little camera icon enter the image's address and bingo.


Cool design! Very simple, but nice.

sweet n sour
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the I mustache you a question bit is really unoriginal and lame I would ditch it and give the little guy a world to inhabit and maybe some friends.


Thanks for the feedback guys, it's been helpful. Thanks for the help with the embedding sweet n sour, may I ask which service you used to host the image, the two I tried don't seem to be working for it. I really liked the idea you had about creating a little world for him, I have been toying with it myself. But I still do like the "mustache you a question" idea, and I feel that if it is don't right it can be quite nice, as I have received some pretty good feedback about it.

Thanks for the comment jonathan43 & teedubbleyoo, I have worked on tidying up the edges and I agree that it looks much better. I'm still trying to refine my personal style, so there are still lots of mistakes to be made :-).


I like it! If anything, you could make the characters mustache bigger so its a little more obvious, and we see it right away. The only thing that I am wondering is the yellow supposed to be a body of a bean or something? If its just the body for a character, I would suggest a more neutral color.

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Honestly this phrase is so over used. If you really want to persist with it then I'd at least introduce a second character that hes asking a question of, this needs some sort of interaction or scene.


Agreed, Wharton. I like the idea, but maybe it is a little over used. Ill try and introduce some interaction to it.


I like the idea of a huge curly mustache, like Lorax style....


I love the little blue guy much better. I also like ashtrashbigash's idea about a big mustache like the Lorax. Cute and lovable.

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