New design and in need of some answers.


So I've submitted two designs already, this being my third and was wondering just how people get so many votes?

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The NewNewGuy

Nice sugar skull, but it doesn't blend well with the shirt. Maybe add some flowers behind it or around it and make the skull smaller? Or do something less noticeable than the flower thing by adding dotted lines to the space around the skull. I just got started with making designs, but I think the main way to get a lot votes is to be dedicated to a design; to keep improving it over time. I think you had something going with "There's an old voice in my head." :)


maybe use a shirt with a color that comes close to the blue in the skull in that way you dont need to print the background color of the skull, u would just use the shirt. btw really fun colors and nice design.


Thanks to both of you, i really appreciate you taking the time to answer. I spent around 12 hours on this ( was new to illustrator) and I'm always looking for critiques and help.


Cool stuff! I cant imagine doing that in illustrator. I do everything with pen then turn it into a vector graphic. I agree with the comments above. Putting it on a red or light yellow shirt may help it pop more. Id take the shape of the eye (looks like a sun), blow it up and place it behind the skull. It might work as a border just to give the design more "pizazz"

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