East meets West - what do you see ?

The Loftworks challenge East meets West is really exciting ! I love trying to come up with a great concept, form that one picture that speaks volumes. Who has looked in to Loftworks ? it looks like a really awesome platform.

I'm really grateful that threadless is teaming up with new places and increasing the collaboration of creative minds. Also this one has probably the best price ever ! I love Threadless Ts and the prices are way nice in all the challenges. This one has the added bonus of a change to meet up with some awesome people doing great things, at the Loftwork + Threadless launch party in TOKYO !!! I'm could just see it, the best dilemma in the world - what Theardless T to wear at the party ? :D ( it's for two :) should we be matching ? no his got his own favorites and maybe he will win this and I'll tag along ) I'm jumping out of my skin just thinking that this could be possible. The change for a meeting with people that connect creative people around the word and see if I could give my thanks and support for these endeavors.

Well before all this I should come up with a worthy design.
here is my submission http://beta.threadless.com/loftwork/the-meeting-tree/

tell me what you think, give me a vote.
if you comment I'll make sure I have given your submission a vote :)
There all ready is lots of nice work up and I like seeing all the different ways people imagine the meet. Lets see some more :)

Watch this
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I made an other design it's in review (will add link if it is excepted)

The statue of liberty is one of the most celebrated symbols of America. I was thinking of what it means and how the statue in it self is a meeting of countries. A gift to the United States from the people of France, a symbol of liberty, the sign of immigration, the melting of cultures and people. There are replicas of the statue in many countries, and if you stand at one of these - what do you see ? I've seen the one at Odaiba, Tokyo, and I saw the world coming together. The statue and the city scape of Tokyo and New York melted together in my minds eye. It holds a more personal meaning to me as well. I'm an immigrant to the US and although I'm not in the US at the moment my family is. Being and immigrant, growing up in the US and moving away again makes me feel a little like a replica American. So I melted together all the names of the countries that have a statue of liberty - a symbol of meeting and melting together.

So tell me what do you see ? when you look at a statue of liberty. Do you live near one ? post a picture, it would be great to see some of the not so famous ones.

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ahaa got a picture to show ! took a while - links to flickr don't show up just from the URL needs the HTML but any way PICTURE

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