Please help me with my new design.. I'm getting crazy!

As i said, i'm really getting crazy with it! I think I did kind of a good job with the sky and the smoke, so I don't think I'm gonna edit them.. But the factory and the ground.. damn! I'm not satisfied with them at all! What would you suggest? My purpose is just imporving my skills so I'll accept every negative comment, i won't get mad at you :)
And just another thing, what do you think about the whole concept? could it work?
Thanks in advice!

Watch this

It's very cool so far.



Good Design. Go googling for images of factories to get your creative juices flowing again. Maybe take a walk to your nearest factory/manufacturing complex and take in the toxic fumes, that may clear your head. Just kidding about the toxic fumes part.

I would move the barren trees closer to the viewer's point of view. Maybe add a pool of slime in front of the factory reflecting the rainbow smoke? I think the text needs more work to get it to work with the piece. Keep working on it. I like the concept.

Good Luck


Bio-bot 9000
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How is your rectangular design going to be placed on the shirt? will the lines and clouds just fade away? Placement is very important. Also, what is your concept exactly? That killing trees brings happiness? that happiness is destructive?

Sam MacGregor

I agree with dBarnes comments, though I'm kinda a fan of the text the way it is. I would suggest adding more elements to the landscape; birds, maybe old lighting, old parking lot with a few cars. Finally, depending on how you see it on a t-shirt or canvas. I think the colors spewing out of the one stack should fill the dark grey sky area. Nice job!

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I think you should stop and work on your concept first and foremost. Theres no point adding or editing anything if people aren't getting what you're trying to depict. Is this a happiness factory trying to brighten up a grey world, corporate manufactured happiness, or like Bio-bot says, a strange eco statement?

You have a clear idea of what you're trying to get across.


What I'm trying to say with my design is that we often live in such a dark world and doing that won't never help us finding our happeniess. I agree with you that the concep isn't clear right now. Anyway I found such a beautiful quote from a film which says "Color my life with the caos of trouble".. I fell in love with this and i think it could work on my design. However thank you all for your comments, I think I know how to procede now. I'll post my work as soon as I'm done with it!


Placement? Could be kind of cool starting at the high shoulder point and work it's way down across the belly. I like the scratchiness of the word happiness, possibly pursue that a little more with your foreground images. I'm diggin the colour story too* GL.


I like your idea of it. One thing I noticed right away(which may or may not be intentional) is that in your clouds you have some shapes like I saw right away a horse on the right, a dolphin on the top, other "happy" things thrown in. I think it would be neat to see those accentuated. Maybe have like a pink bunny on the ground or a yellow child playing in front of the factory to kind of show that this factory is creating more than just fun smoke but also making an actual difference in the world. :) Hope I could help!


I've been working on it.. The concept is basically the same but I added some details. What do you think about it? Is it better than before or not? What should I change to make it better? Thank you all for your support

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