THis design was turned down.... would love advice please!!

Watch this

Was it turned down to even be scored or was it scored and then turned down due to a low vote?

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it's kind of a weird design, but that shouldn't stop it from at least scoring. I think you need to work on it more... maybe a more illustrative style would work better... and maybe reworking or losing the text...also if you can incorporate the shirt color somehow so it isn't just a rectangle stuck on a shirt like that...make it blend in more.


It was turned down... I'm British so it references a vintage poster... America has Uncle Sam saying "Your Country needs you"... Britain had Lord Kitchener saying the same WW1. The tongue in cheek message is that Britain is a tiny place.... people get it here...


Thanks for comments though x

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I definitely think you need to work on your concepts. Here's a tip: If you have to explain it, it's probably not going to appeal to very many people. Threadless knows this better than anyone. :-) Which is why it was probably rejected.


I thought it was probably an Uncle Sam play on Big Brother. But I don't really feel it draws on a strong enough visual reference to be recognizable. One example, the font for the Uncle Sam poster is Sans Serif, and this font is Serif. The alignment is also different, and there doesn't seem to be a reason for it.

I think if you're going to parody that poster and how it relates to your culture, you need to work on drawing a stronger visual connection to the original sources you are commenting on.


I see what you mean.



I like your design but I have to agree with galehaut on this one. Its the simplicity and the directedness (is that a real word?) of the vintage poster that's the key. Changing the fonts and/or make it less wordy may help.

Good Luck


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This is going largely to an American market that have no idea this is a parody, or its context = not a very good idea.


Thanks dBranes... It may well work here, our sense of humour is very different for the most part!

Back to the drawing board.

Bluewhistle said:

... It may well work here, our sense of humour is very different for the most part! ....

Actually that brings up an interesting question. Does anyone know how big the international market for Threadless is? They have got to have fans elsewhere in the world besides the USA. Aren't some of the multitude of designers outside the USA?

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There are lots of international designers and people overseas do shop Threadless. That said I think a larger chunk of voters are US based.

I've been around over 7yrs and regional references tend to not score well. Threadless has had regional themed design contests where designs will score better if the joke is easily understood. I'm from the US and did not understand your reference.

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