Got a low score on my tshirt... help?

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I think one problem is that you're making a reference to a band that is lost on a big part of Threadless' demographic. Threadless likes (for the most part) shirts that are cool but can still appeal to the masses, so I think the big culprit here is lack of concept. If someone doesn't know what you're referencing (and they won't bother to read the description most of the time) then they're going to score it low.

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Yeah, i'm confused as to the house to which the boy is referring. Am I the house? If the shirt is worn outside, will it confuse people? T-shirt art should be more open-themed, such that it's not referencing a narrow subject, or only makes sense in a certain context.


Ok, thanks for the input. it's not referencing any band! It's just a boy hating the house he is in, a sly nod to childhood annoyance and rebellion. First try.... must try harder.

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but the boy is not in a house. so it's confusing. It might work for a page in a book, but it falls flat as a single stand-alone design.


Like the other design you posted, your concept is heavily reliant upon explanation and text within the design. From what I'm seeing not a lot of designs that have a text based message make it to print at Threadless.

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