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Let's see if I remember to update this. Probably not!


1: Leprechaun's Gold

2: Cold Feet

3: Advice Bigfoot

4: Happy Slasher Pals (Threadwars VI round 1)

5: Thunder Crash

6: One Man Party

7: Alive!

8: Pardon my French

9: Baked with Love

10: Eggplant Faceplant

11: Dealwithitude 101

12: Kaiju Rap Battle

13: The Ghost of a Whaler

14: Wieners

15: Très Chic

16: Lucha Damask

17: Anchors Aweigh (collab with moosabman)

18: Good Morning, Woods

enter link description here

19: Five Bees For a Quarter

20: Bart Noir

21: K.O.

22: The Visitors

23: Gun CTRL

24: Kappa Coffee (v2)

25: Fresh Brains of Bel-Air

26: Dispirited (with P0ckets)

27: Breaking Pants (with nyenyerejunior)

28: Occupied!

29: Progress, Yarrr!

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Morkki profile pic Alumni

Disclaimer: I know nothing about the University of Notre Dame or college football in general :) I was just inspired by the mascot AND I have been doing some game characters in this style at work AND I smell an opportunity seeing how few ND subs there are so far. I'm still wondering if I should include a Notre Dame logo in this or not.


I like his expression. It looks like an angry Abe Lincoln as a leprechaun to me. Very cool.

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Thanks! Yeah, he does have a lot of forehead, doesn't he? Nah, I tried to fit the logo on his hat but wasn't really feeling it so I'll just sub it like that.

No melee weapons here Wharton! Leprechaun dad is punches.

BeanePod profile pic Alumni

stopped by for the cheese... left with cold feet.

  *  was told there would be cheese.  there was no cheese.

make socks with hair on them. i have hairy legs and don't want to hide my hairy goodness when wearing socks.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

your second sub Socks , in a good way LOL

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Yay thanks! I'm going to make some more sucks, I mean socks. They're quick and easy and I'm a big fan of bright patterned socks!


Are you submitting that one to the Original Monsters challenge?? I NEED HIM ha and that font is genius

BeanePod profile pic Alumni


On a related note, I am now united in pizza, cause cheese......and the postal service....they helped.

Morkki profile pic Alumni

I reheated some pizza party leftovers and subbed them to Kid President

Also now with underpants. Kid friendly!

Morkki profile pic Alumni

I knew you couldn't resist the lure of my crack.

Ahem yes. I almost subbed it to the Wittlebee contest but then I remembered the KP one

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Baked with Love finished with my highest score ever!


(806 votes, 258 fives and 69 ones)

Whoop! Thank you voters!

gebe profile pic Alumni

congrats Morkki, only close fight in this round :)

great score anyways

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys! Haha, if I had a print every time I get a decent score, I'd have like... three prints


Loved the donut! I want it. >o>

Morkki profile pic Alumni

I mashed some memes and discovered a profound lesson about life:

I sold my soul for greeting cards and don't even feel bad about it


Man, nice stuff! I like some of your older designs that weren't printed too. Great style. Wish I could get that good and get some printed. :)

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Thanks dudes. Helldozer, you'll get there!

Dunno about socks, at least I didn't win. My bet would be the Spock socks

phraze profile pic Alumni

Inspiring stuff, l love the doughnut one!


Cool subs, lovely style!

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Quick last minute impressionism sub. Not much concept, just wanted to play with my favorite colors:

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