ASG Guitar Challenge

I was checking out some of the Guitar Challenge submissions up for scoring, and so far all of them have been the exact same image on the guitar and the shirt. Don't get me wrong, they're all really creative and well done designs! But how 'bout some complementary stuff soon? Like yin on shirt, yang on guitar, fire on shirt and dragon on guitar, etc. I think that would put a really cool twist on the whole thing. :)

Watch this

I only clicked on this thread because I thought it said "Ass Guitar Challenge". What a disappointment.

If you have some better ideas, do it! I wouldn't yin on shirt though, sounds like you might have to get that dry cleaned.


I definitely think you should take your own and advice and submit a design. I doubt anyone is going to be able to follow through on your ideas the way that you see it in your own head. :)

Emily Newport

Haha, sorry to disappoint. :p
I would love to submit a design! But I don't have a clue how to work with the technology of it all, unfortunately. I've tried to go through the tutorials posted throughout the website, but they either require software that I don't have the money to invest in, or they go way over my head. Just thought I would toss a creative juice bomb out there. Now THAT'S something that would need to be dry cleaned lol.


You might consider drawing it on paper and then submitting it as a collab with someone who does understand the technology?

Emily Newport

Indeed I might! Haven't found the unlucky soul yet though. ;)


If it's really good I would definitely work with you on it. :)


If you have good ideas, you can count on me. :-)

Take a look at my previous designs to see if you like my style.

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