Give Me a Critique and I Promise to Give You a Vote

Hello Everyone,

This is my first ever threadless design. Please, let me know what you think. If you leave a comment, I will vote immediately for a design that you have up.

Gerard Regan

Watch this

I like the vibe and colors, but it is a little difficult to tell what it is right away.

Here's my design, hope you like it :) How to Use Your Dragon. It's kind of a robot dragon sorta thing!


Flaxenjasper, Thank you for the feedback. I can see what you mean about identifying it. Maybe a little body might help in that regard. I voted for your design. I liked it. It is very original. Good luck.


The colors do look good. I don't know what it's suppose to be right now. Do you have a description or an intent?

*And you don't have to vote for mine by the way. ;P


I have to a agree with flex Im not sure about what the design is about but ur good with the colour scheme have a look at my first go:


I voted for both anyway, even though I didn't have to " )

My design could be the head of a toucan. But, it is not really. I guess it would be better if it actually was something.


Thanks WhoMax. I scored your design. I appreciate that you shared your opinion on the color that works best. I was curious about which people would think would work best.

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