The Cats of Threadless!

How awesome are cats? The number of cat-related Threadless designs probably isn’t that far off from the number of actual living cats in the world. If you are looking for a cat design but are overwhelmed by the selection, here’s 26 popular cat designs broken down by hygiene and threat-level.

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1 - The Party by Sebastian Gomez de la Torre

2 - Eye of The Tiger by Stuart Colebrook

3 - Types of People by Ben Foot

4 - Pet Sounds by Ben Foot

5 - W.T.F.? by Blair Sayer

6 - Stop, Please! by Willian Richard and Tobias Fonseca

7 - Gay Pride by Nicholas Bright

8 - M!aw by Wacharapong

9 - Kit-Tee by Turbonova

10 - Catburger by Philip Tseng

11 - Unlucky by Jose Rodriguez

12 - If There’s a Rocket, Tie Me To Itby Hana Bacasno and Janice Golosino

13 - Banana Kitty Nicole Neeley

14 - Meowy Wowy by tenso Graphics

15 - Animals With Eyepatches! Yes! by Brock Davis

16 - The Guardian Anwar Rafiee

17 - Bountiful Catch by William Chua

18- Eye of the Tiger by Priscilla Wilson

19 - Mr. T(iger) by Enkel Dika

20 - Motocross-Stitch Kitteh by Hillary White

21 - A French Ninja Cat by Kyle Walters

22 - Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure + Control Bear by Joe Van Wetering

23 - Celestial Cat by Boya Latumahina

24 - I Got Another Whate Chow Hon Lam

25 - The Lion That Loves Scotch by Ross Zietz

26 - Zombie Nomz by Ken Marshall

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Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

holy shit..those 26 really are only the tip of the 'Threadless Cats' iceberg.

Honored mine is the crustiest. :)


during the sale, I purchased all cat shirts...

rhobdesigns profile pic Alumni
Rachel Ray Gun said:

So many tuxedo cats!

Wow! Really looks like Zorro! Is he your pet also? So adorable.


Haachiiii, ohh I am still allergic to cats. :(

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