Critique please - lego zombie chat

Hi there,

Working up this design for a t-shirt submission.

3 options I'm looking at on layout. (Any feedback would be great!!)



Watch this

Perhaps you have the torsos up front and facing forward. I did the 2-second glance rule and I was a bit confused about what I was look at. I imagine that is what judges do since they have 1,000s of these to look at. Great idea though - made me LAWL


I think it needs a reason why they are torn into pieces. Like what mantichore eluded to a guy with a shotgun, perhaps getting ran over with a bike. Im not sure how you would work that in. If you have time could you look over my design?Sporks


I like the last one the best. I don't think you really need to add anything that shows why they are torn apart because.. well that's just what happens to them :p But the first two take a while longer for me to get it. Very cute :)

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Good base idea if you can work out the kinks. It is confusing what'shappening without the title at first...

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o and i prefer layouts 1 and 2 over 3

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