"MY kitty" t-shirt design

I'll be submitting this to Ink House tees for a T-shirt design. Crits welcome!

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Sam MacGregor

The gorilla kinda looks like he has a 'paranoid' look to him. You may want to consider going a doted look instead. Nice job!


I got a lot of good feedback on the Gorilla's face. I'm touching it up right now, but I wanted to thank you guys for making this design even better!

Sam MacGregor

Much better! The facial expression comes off much better and I like the added highlights under the eyes.


Thank you Sam! Thanks to everyone else who commented on the other thread! Say, is it ok for me to submit this to multiple T-shirt contests on other sites?


I dunno, I kind of liked the first version. Something about that crazy wall-eyed expression always cracks me up! I do agree that the second one is an improvement.


Yeah, I hear ya, Voodazz. It wasn't just Sam, though. On another thread the commenters mentioned that the wall-eyed look was too inscrutable. You didn't know if he was going to maul or mother that little kittie. Since the look I was going for was protective and grouchy, I decided to change it.


It's a really cute idea. I like the color choice for the cat--makes a lot of sense. Great job!


Brent Donoho,

I like much. I think its time for submission.

Good Luck



I think the eyes of the second one is better, but I think the mouth is a little bit strange, in my thoughts gorillas don't have lips like this. Anyway, it's just a detail. It's a nice drawing, loved the cat!


Looks great! I actually prefer the eyes on the first one, hehe he looks funny.. but second one is good too! :)

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

looks great, I do like the second version myself, I like the clean style of this. And the shadows looks pretty good! :)

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