Just saw this on tumblr

This was in my tumblr feed, by iheartjlp via Threadless!

And just couldn't help notice it was pretty much the same thing I did in June 2011



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wowrainbows profile pic Alumni

Very true. I think these days everyone has that problem though. Just chalk it up to bad luck I guess ;(

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Too bad dude, that sucks, but as its already been said I think its just one of those things. The same thing happened with a few printed Tees too like 'I'm kinda a big dill' and ' Z-day' too. Your sub was pretty awesome though.

digsy profile pic Alumni

sucks, especially that threadless picked up the recent one and promoted it, but didn't do the same to yours :-( they're both such popular characters thought that i think it is just one of those things where you've both hit the same idea, rather than you've been copied. not that that makes you feel any better I'm sure

ArTrOcItY profile pic Alumni

That sucks and I know how you feel, it happened to me also, with printed designs and non printed...

The latest one is this:

Promoted on tumblr

This was mine

but I do realize a cartoony sketchy style is the right way to go with this idea so no wonder the other one is definitely better!

digsy profile pic Alumni

actually atrocity, i prefer the style of yours (no offence to the other guy) it's clearer without being obvious if that makes sense????

ArTrOcItY profile pic Alumni

Yes, it's just the way it goes... I really do believe people come up with same ideas independently and would never think someone stole an idea, although it does happen but if it wasn't an obvious rip off, I'd think twice before accusing someone.

Let me share this with you, if you don't mind, just to give you another example.

The first one is mine, the second one is a printed one and 3rd one is by Olly Moss.

Mine and the printed one were up at the same time so we obviously didn't copy each other but what I found interesting is that the minute they printed Fangs and Wings, there was a blog saying that it was a copy of Olly Moss's one so at first I was sad mine wasn't picked but when I've seen that blog I was glad I wasn't (just kidding, I still wish mine was picked;) and it was because of this

I was accused of ripping nonetheless but Olly Moss again with this cat-mice illusion of mine and I was like whaaaa?!?!

What I'm trying to say is from time to time we all come up with the same or similar ideas and we have to be really careful and certain in what we are saying before accusing someone of rip off because someone's honest work is being slashed for no right reason...

fightstacy profile pic Alumni

Woah, had no idea there were all those bat/fangs/teeth things..

but yeah, I never accused or thought JLP copied mine, ..it's a strange coincidence that we both combined Finn of adventure time with Funkalicious, both of us have it in front of Threadless, but then his gets oohs and ahhs.

I guess it could be chalked up to Adventure Time gaining more popularity over the last year and a half

ArTrOcItY profile pic Alumni

Just to make sure, I've never accused you of accusing!;)

I totally understand how you feel and you have the right to be mad and sad and even flip tables if you have to! Here I'll help you! (?°?°??? ???)


intentional copycats are deserved to die.

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