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Kid's design - Any suggestions?

Ok so this is a Kid's design I've been working on for the Wittlebee comp sometime in Feb. I'm calling it "Hello Copter" hehe

But since I'm such a slow designer (I usually miss deadlines unless I start early) I figured I'd put this out here to see if you guys have any suggestions that would make it better.. or is it good already?

I think it's pretty good.. but then again... don't we usually think our own work is good? ;)

I was debating having a smiling sunshine waving back at the helicopter. But since baby's tee's are so tiny I was afraid of having too many elements. Adding a sun would force me to reduce the size of the helicopter and clouds significantly to get it all to fit on the tee front.

Images are linked from my flickr so you can see bigger size photos there.

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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I don't think making it a tiny bit smaller and adding a waving sun would hurt. :-) I think it would bring the whole thing together. Though it's really adorable as is.

digsy profile pic Alumni

I'd give the sun a go at least - worst case, you drop it again and go back to this. Also the outline could do with some work - I think maybe its too thin at the moment and the black lines overall maybe need a bit of weight variation. It's cute though, the sun could really kick it up a gear

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Thanks. I'm still struggling with learning the settings on the pen tablet and how to adjust them to get a desirable range of thick to thin with pressure. I up it and get really thick lines or narrow it and I get very little variation. I can't seem to land that "happy medium" where it gets thick only when I press hard haha.

And I do think I'll play with adding in a sun too.

This will probably get bumped back a little bit in my design line though :P I got an east meets west idea last night I'm dying to try to finish before the deadline.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

well I can learn to use photoshop for subs :D I'm primarily stuck in AI.

Usually I pencil draw and scan and clean up in PS then I go to Illustrator to color and back to PS for the distress. Although this time I tried to ink in Illustrator since my pencil lines sucked.

I've actually never drawn anything straight in PS. Just used it for distress stuff / editing / template mock ups etc.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Illustrator feels so tedious and restrictive to me, but I'm much more experienced with Photoshop. Perhaps if you're looking for something different give Photoshop a try.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

hahah! I would say that "tedious" pretty much describes my job sometimes too :P I do 99% of it in illustrator making technical drawings hehe probably why I'm more comfortable with the familiar grounds in AI. I think I'll give PS a try though.

I did experiment with Corel Sketchbook 12 trial and liked it but the trial ran out before I could figure out a way to draw stuff in high enough resolution to make it useful for a submission. I'm guessing that maybe drawing in Photoshop would be very similar to drawing in Sketchbook? I just loved all the pencil, pen, crayon, etc textures.

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