Voting ended!: "Mexican Standoff"

The voting ended!!
I got a 3.01, the first 3+ of my short Threadless history, yay!
Thanks to all the voters and commenters!! (ones apart :P)

"Salt, if you kill that worm you die next!"

Watch this

super nice style. i don't have any input on it at the moment


"super nice style" is definitely a positive input for me, thank you! :D


Whoa, I got the standoff idea from reservoir dogs! So I should go down heavy with some red, I might try it.

Tarantino speaking, I'm just leaving to go to the cinema to see Django unchained...I know, here in Italy we are slow to put out the movies!


i like the concept and the style! and the reference material!

my only suggestion would be to move the worm so he's more in the middle, right now it looks like the salt is defending him, because he's closer. unless that was the intent? but i assumed they were all equally vying for him.


Little update: .worm is more in the center .changed worm face, no more dead, but dying .salt is now threatening and looking directly at the worm

Thanks for the feedback, I might try to add some blood splatter later and see how it turns out.


Looking good. You could have just a few salt crystals nearby? Just a thought


Tried to make a version with some blood, but I'm not really sure about it.


I think I may sub this, the version with the blood just does not work for me:


Great style. I'm thinking that this is what happens in your mouth when you take a tequila shot out of order.

The version without the blood is way better. I think you chose well.


Just to remember, cause the votes are pretty static since a couple of day ;)


Very cool! Votin' now.


Whoa! Thanks to all the voting and commenting people!

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