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A little break from t-designing...

This isn't a pity post or a rant - just something I'd like to write to friends here, so feel free to ignore it or whatever.

So, it's been 2 years since I started trying my luck subbing some designs on Threadless and other similar tee contest sites. The whole process made me evolve artistically, made me get in touch with many talented people from around the world, learned new techniques and opened my mind to lots of different styles and approaches to art. As a result of it I had a great opportunity to actually work with illustration where I live, so many good things happened and gave me the conviction to keep up doing that for a living.

Although I'm far from being disciplined and prolific as many of you people here, always with cool ideas everytime, I always tried my best within my limitations. So far I had no prints in any tee site and I believe this is a sign for me to take a little break (or a big one) to improve my skills more technically rather than the self-taught learning which I've grown up to. Not that I'm depreciating the self-taught - many self-taught artists get printed as well and are very sucessful here and outside and that's very encouraging! I just feel I have to learn new things I couldn't learn all by myself.

Despite that there's a ton of styles and Threadless embraces all of them, it looks like mine yet haven't been recognized, hahah. I always illustrated demanding the best quality from myself, even whithin my limitations trying to make my best work. Putting my work online for voting in these 2 years was defintely important to realize what I'm doing wrong or right, what can be improved. I'm always very happy with the comments, critique, compliments and specially critique from friends like Evan FrickinAwesome which always hit the bullseye, politely and very right in what he says. That helped me to thicken my skin and try harder - not to please everyone cause that's impossible but to to come up with the best work and the best quality I can make. Unfortunately the fact that I've got zero prints is not satisfactory to me so I decided to get back to my 'drawing table' and go to college again to make my work up to par with the illustration, design and advertising market and most importantly tee contests!

So I'm going to take a little break here from subbing, focus on college, my comicbook project (visit the tumblr here btw!) - and wait anxiously to do my page on the Threadless community comicbook! I'll be coming back soon to try again for a print here, where I always wanted to above anywhere else, see my own design or my collab with all you amazing artists I had/will have the chance to work with in a real t-shirt! Thanks Threadless for everything I've accomplished so far. Thanks threadfriends, you are my inspiration to keep on doing what I really like to do: draw, draw and draw! Hope you all get prints and continue to make awesome stuff! I'll still be here voting, posting gifs and commenting nonsense =)

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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Aw man, sorry we won't be seeing some of your solo and collab designs on the voting block for a while, but it's understandable when you give your all to designing t-shirts and think you've hit the mark a bunch of times, only to be rewarded for that hard work with.....nothing. Sometimes it's luck of the draw and it's out of your control, but after two years I can imagine feeling a bit down on yourself and your skills.

Thanks for mentioning me in your blog above, I'm glad i've helped you out as have many others here helped me strive to do things bigger and better next design :)

You have an incredible talent Davi and it's been great seeing your style evolve here, and I'm glad you haven't given up for good in your pursuit of scoring a print. I really thought your ocean zoo collab with Biotwist was gonna go all the way :(

Best of luck in your other adventures until you return here again, many of us will follow your exploits and just do what makes cyou happiest dude!

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after taking a a look at your past submissions and your site it's a bit incomprehensible you never got a print after 2 years. your style is great and your ideas too. I can understand your frustration.

Best of luck in the future!


thanks friends! It's for the best... I want to be the best Pokemon trainer on earth I think! hahah =)

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

Davi - First off, from what I've seen from your work, you are CRAZY talented. Your Poe/Nirvana sub earned a hearty chuckle from me. Secondly, if Threadless has taught me one thing (it's taught me way more than that, but I digress) it's that you have to be patient. I can't count all of the $5's I've given out over my 6 years here that never made it onto a tee.

I submitted over 100 designs (most of them admittedly awful) over 6 years before I got printed. In short, my advice is to keep subbing and keep improving. Best of luck to you!

palitosci profile pic Alumni

Never stop making dude... You're talent artist.

PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni

I wish you well! I hope you come back to submit things once in a while, I'd love to see your progression as you go through school. :-) P.S. I love your comic tumblr and wish you would update more often.


In my opinion you already have great potential so i can't wait to see what you'll develop it into when you'll be back. Hope to see you back on subs soon!

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

Your art is amazing, and surprises me you arent printed yet, but I hope you find what you are looking for and come back even stronger! :)

v_calahan profile pic Alumni

Come back when you feel it and kill the competition pal! Hugs!

Musarter profile pic Alumni

Your most recent subs seemed to get better and better. That comic you are creating is looking really good. Though we will miss you, it will be awesome to see your improved art in the future. Keep making stuff!


Lucas, Tiffany, Michele,Theo, Victor, Josh - thank you for the kind words, I feel the same for you guys... you all have always been amazing and that's one of the reasons I kept on subbing =)

lunchboxtrain - I took that into consideration, the fact that it can take years to get a print and there are a lot of variables that make a design sucessful or not. It has been written and discussed so much I didn't want to tire anybody with that...Not that I'm feeling like the most special person who deserves a print or whatever haha, idk I just wanted to write my experience so far on tee contests, 2 years and like 10 submissions are nothing I know, but in any case I think I def. could improve what I'm already doing... big congrats on your prints by the way, all the best =)


oops I mean lunchboxbrain =)

Raulio profile pic Alumni

Such a shame hear that Davi! You have a great talent and awesome ideas, you deserve more here like other artists as well. But I hope you are back soon dude!

ivanrodero profile pic Alumni

Hey Davi! As a person who is already taking a break (different reasons but yeah... break) I can only tell you that if you need it, do it! I'm eager to start subbing stuff again but I can't right now so I'm just building up my energy, knowledge and skills for when I can. Go with it, get better, stronger, faster and wiser, but most of all have fun. ;^)


hey Raul! Hope you are doing well! It is a much needed break... hey Ivan, yes! Exactly like you said, it's good to go back to study again and learn new things. Thanks, hope you're having lots of fun in the process as well!


i checked out your past designs and you are incredibly talented, i too am surprised you haven't been printed.

good luck with everything and i hope you come back soon!

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1 design submitted -

haha I've been on a break too, I do miss subbing to threadless and hope to restart at the end of this year


RubberDucky, thanks =)

agrimony, your work is great!

BeanePod profile pic Alumni
4 designs submitted - Score now!

I'll miss seeing your work here too Davi. Hopefully you'll be back soon and full of new energy and ideas. Until then, best of luck in this crazy adventure called life.



Thomas Orrow
Thomas Orrow profile pic Alumni

Pop back now and then! I know the feeling though. I haven't subbed or scored anything for at least a month now. (I think, it's hard to keep track).

Oh, I did score one of artrocity's ones, but nothing else. Zero motivation=time to do something else!

Good luck on the comic thing. That's something that I plan to do too, as well as get back into subbing here.


thanks friends! Thanks endoxo!

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