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Looking for an awesome collaboration partner!

SOO I have this (I think) awesome idea. I have a rough idea of it in my head but haven't had much luck on this website with my art style yet. It doesn't help that I'm still a noob to the world of graphic design and illustration. Any veterans interested in hearing my idea?

Watch this

Well this is discouraging.

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heh, it can be rough sometimes getting people to be the art part of the collab. By necessity the artist will have to invest far more time and effort into the piece than the idea person (especially if they're like me, I'm slow and I spend ages drawing my stuff), and most everyone thinks their own ideas are pretty good too.

Also most people who come up with ideas they can't themselves draw have super-detailed, super-hard-to-draw ideas in mind. In my experience at least. So people are kinda wary.

I have a ton of collabs in the works already (some of them dragging for years now :) but if you think the idea fits my style feel free to mail it to me at probablypretty at gmail dot com. At the very least I can give you my assessment of whether it stands a chance, and possibly suggest whose style it could fit.

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I want a pattern! :P Anyways i'd be in for sure as long as I fit the idea, if not one day we should do something Lidija! Hugs.

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Woops sorry evyc thought this was celadine message, dumb ass me, I'll whack myself two times! but you can still send your idea if interested! :)


Haha. I was planning on helping with the drawing and such. I think I'm decent I just have a lot to learn still. I'll mail you celandinestern. I'd like to know your opinion of the idea at least!


you could put the idea here, maybe with a rough sketch, and see if people are more interested...?


I'm working on the idea sketch. I'll post it when I've got something worth showing haha.

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