I have a WIP for a t-shirt that is based off of a Wii U game. I would appreciate any criticism on the design and what needs to be improved. I feel it is more finished than not, but I would like to know from a community what should be worked on. The design is based off of ZombiU and I was trying to make a play on words as if the title was a university. Learning to survive!

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I'm not sure, but I think the name zombiu is copyrighted, as it is a game. So that might give some problems. The paddle on the design needs some work as it looks very low res. good luck!


Yeah, I'd be concerned with the title copyright, too. As for the design itself, I'd say that paddle needs some blood on it. ;)


Small update, with a gray background. This looks a little better.


I like it its cool, but if you make an eye on the right side of that crow ( red color) it would look sick. I would prefer like a chain saw than a sword I guess would add more intensity to the whole thing.

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