First Threadless design - thoughts/feedback

Firstly would like to say hello to everyone here, have just joined the Threadless community and looking through things seems to be a great one to join! Excited to get a few designs in!

My first design has just gone up for voting ( ) and would love to know all your thoughts and critiques on it!

Im thinking of doing a range or set of these designs with all sorts of different animals, any animals in particular you would like to see or think would suit the style well? Im thinking of maybe a lizard or parrot next...something with some really nice vivid colours in it....

Ive done a wolf previously too which you can see below, may submit that at some point also....


Watch this

I like the wolf, but watch out because I have seen quite a few shirts done in this style, I wouldn't want yours to get lost in the mix.

olie! profile pic Alumni

I agree with ashtrashbigash. Aesthetically these are pleasing, and Threadless has printed designs before mostly based on aesthetics, but they are most likely not original enough to get printed. It would be interesting to see a more creative concept/style implemented here.


Thanks for the feedback! I can see now that a few have...its still a style which i really like and would be interested to develop. Maybe using the sharp shapes in only areas of the design or in contrast to very sketchy, hand-drawn lines.....below is a little idea i came up with a while ago...what are your thoughts on this? Something a little more original thats worth developing?


totally love the sheep. doesn't look very cuddly.

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