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How are you doing today? Is anyone doing anything cool this weekend? Hockey is back!

Apparently I have to give this thing an info category now. I think it fits best in "tips and tricks."

Watch this

Hi Steve the G

Here is an update

I am watching hockey at a hockey pub with mezofaces right now

Other things and stuffs and items which I will not share right now

Hi :)

Steve The Great

This place is kinda not very popular these days.


I know, I've been noticing that.



earl weaver. r.i.p. :(

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Hello Steveface

Today my plans include:

  • watching an episode of the Wire
  • watching an episode of Dr Who
  • playing some Skyward Sword
  • playing some Miami Hotline (awwww yeah)
  • drawing something to sub (maybe)

Today it is hot so I am lying on my bed in my underwear.


oh baby^


All i see on facebook is people bitching about snow. I have never even seen snow before :(


tazpie. step into my office!

Steve The Great

tazpie is getting me all hot and bothered.

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Hello Steve The Great. Today is virtually over for me, so I'm gonna go to sleep soon. Tomorrow I'm gonna go to Nepal.


oh man olie have fun in nepal!

hi stebe! hockey! yay. well, football today.


Yay Ravens & Niners!

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