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CRITIQUE: Mona Lisa's ^_^

Hello world! I'm new here but I had a design accepted for the Loftwork challenge. I was hoping to hear what the community thought of it, because even though this one probably won't get printed I'd love to start building things towards the community aesthetic.

What do you guys think of it?

Linky to the page.

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I like it. it fits the theme well.


Cool. I'm really glad you think so. :D

I made a long list of ideas and this was the best one I managed to come up with.


Really glad you think so. :D

I just looked at your designs and some of them are really brilliant. "Endless Forms Most Battleful" is a frikkin' masterpiece.

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thanks! although I should point out that none of my own art has been printed yet (type tees used to be staff-designed and Endless Forms was a collab)


Sorry about that double post. I'm still figuring out this typing interface gigamajigget.

The collabs sound promising. I should look into them. And regardless I still think you have a very impressive portfolio. So thank you for chiming in with some feedback.


If there aren't a lot of comments, does that usually mean the votes you get aren't going to be too good?

By the way, I'm totally open to constructive critique. Trying to find my legs here and figure out what the Threadless community likes. I don't bite.

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