Bast (Mandala cat) is up for scoring! Thanks for all the suggestions!

Thanks for all the help! Please score my design if you can. Thank you very much!

Final version:

I want some help please, what is missing? More texture, less details? Say whatever you think, I'm stuck. Thanks!

Older version

Watch this


Good design. Everything is blending in. Maybe a darker cat to bring it out more? I dare say.. a black cat would make it pop!



I changed the cat color, do you think it's better? I don't know, I liked the two versions. Thanks for the suggestion!

Jonathan Moskaluk

I like the white cat better. I would maybe enlarge it against the mandala, and have the tail/rear extrude past the edge more. Sweet design though!

Jonathan Moskaluk

Mandalas are also made of sand, and Cats use litter boxes.... Could put those together.


Thanks for the suggestions! I had already sent the design when I read the last comments. Happily it was aproved, and it's up for scoring. Thank you very much for the help! =D

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