Need your feedbacks

Hi everybody!
I just Posted my design here to get criticism since it was declined by the panel:-) Any feedback will be welcome Thanks! ![[url=]

Do i need to show it on a T-shirt before I submit it?

Watch this


That's gooooood! I like it. It would be nice to see it in context. Placement would be interesting to see.

Good Luck



thanks for your comment!! Do u know how can i put my design on a shirt on threadless?

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The art quality needs to be improved. I can't tell if it's supposed to be an alien, a robot, a pig, or what. Also, keep in mind that if this is printed on a zip up sweatshirt, the design would be obscured by the actual zipper. And to be honest, the "face popping out of a zipper" gimmick is nothing new. Try doing something unique, and make sure the concept and aesthetic quality is as best as you can for before submitting.

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