anyone here get that retina macbook?

I'm getting a new laptop but I'm torn between the regular macbook pro and the super one.

I honestly don't know where I'm leaning towards. the retina is all new and stuff, with new ports for new plugs. and all those ports and new features inside the laptop will be standard soon. and it has an hdmi port, and that resolution. it has a SSD and I think it has some new magical cooling mechanic?? what's holding me back on it is repair prices if it ever gets messed up and how I can't tinker with any of its innards.

the regular mbp can be upgraded by me. I can put in my own RAM and hard drive when I want. and maybe repair costs are cheaper if it donks up? it's not 1st generation so any wonky issues that 1st gen stuff usually come with have been ironed out.

anyone here buy the retina and is satisfied?
everyone, please tell me where my heart should go ~o~

also, how important is a cd drive to you guys? this could also be a factor to me, but my current laptop's drive has been broken for two years and I've been doing fine without.

Watch this



this is my help.


The repairs/potential maintenance are my worries too.

I don't think you really need a CD drive these days. I mean, I have a working one and I can't tell you when I used it last. Most companies release their stuff digitally anyway. Music, games, software.


Resolution and SSDs are the main selling points for me.


Call me Dante.


Because I am a devil.

That may cry.


From what I read resolution is so uselessly high that the display uses some filtered interpolation, otherwise everything would be so small on that screen. This might mean you don't get to see the actual content of images. Problem.

mike bautista
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the way retina works is they use all the extra pixels to make images clearer or something. so all the pixels are actually squeezed into a smaller resolution to make things look nicer? it's all sciency terms, but the default resolution that they recommend is not the actual highest pixel count. you can set it to get more real estate if you want.

mike bautista said:

they use all the extra pixels to make images **clearer** or something

That's the problem, if it's something like the awful bilinear filtering browsers do. You don't get to see the true pixels any longer which is bad if that's your job. Now it's ok if it can be deactivated AND you can still zoom from that insane res, nearest-neighbor way.

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I was at the Apple store and had a hard time telling the difference between the regular Macbook and the Retina Macbook. I had to put my face an inch away from the Retina Macbook to notice the difference. "Retina" is just a buzzword they throw around to sell more.


I hope one day I will upgrade to a Mac. Until then its just me and "dusty" waiting...


My co-worker has the Retina MBP, and he's had to bring in his laptop for repair for dead pixels, twice. As long as it is within the warranty it's replaceable.

  • There's also the factor of programs. Are all the programs you'll want to use available for retina screens?
  • Are you planning to keep your laptop for several years?
  • Do you plan on upgrading/need to upgrade all your other devices or gear to accommodate for the changes in the ports, or are you fine with what you have right now?
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