Help!! I'm stuck, need some input. (Please read before replying)

This is just a sketch but I'm stuck, so I'd appreciate any input. The working title is NRA4EVER.

I realise it may be too political and possibly offensive (but only to those who oppose gun control)

If you don't get the concept or have nothing constructive to add, just go about your business and move along

Watch this

If I have to explain it then I've failed.


Is it a gun penis leaking cranberry juice?


Interesting concept, but your composition and execution need some work. The figure looks way too stiff and the side profile shot only enforces this. Experiment with some more dynamic poses from different angles just to loosen things up.

Of course I'm just assuming this was supposed to be a clever satiracal and ironic jab at the NRA instead of simple picture of a man-eagle blood gun penis.


@voodazz Thank you! someone finally got it :)

It's just a concept sketch, I did the side view because I was thinking about a satirical NRA logo but I appreciate what you're saying. Maybe I should go in a different direction with this.

I love your work, would be interested in collaborating on this?


oh man, you guys are funny!^

i think you should probably go in a different direction considering all the cranberryjampeengun comments...


@littlem yeah those comments confirmed what I thought about the failure of my design.

I still like the concept but I know it needs serious reworking. I was hoping for some slightly more constructive comments though. So far only voodazz has given me anything useful.

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