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Critique - Snake and lizard

Please, help me figure out what is still missing. Any suggestion will help a lot. Thank you!

Watch this

what are the two creatures looking at?


They are supposed to be looking to each other. I corrected a little bit the angle, does it look better? Thank you so much for the help!


I don't want to tell you my vision -- this is your vision. But I would put the heads closer together, extend the snake's body towards the lizard. This is your image. It has to tell your story.


It's always good to see the things in another point of view - I think it's one of the objectives in posting the designs here. I made some changes, and I think it's more interesting now. Thank you so much! =)


my suggestion is..try to create on the same colours tone...yellow-ish VS Grey green on a grey tees=ugh...put it on white tees..and make the snake on 80% dark grey colours tone..but..i agreemphasized texte with cormo....try to tell us your vision ;) ... but so far...Good Job!


Is this the threadless template? if it is put your design underneath the "shadows" layer, that way it would look more realistic. good luck with your design, i suck at drawing :)


I much prefer this bitey looking snake!


Thanks for the suggestions, I have little time this week to make changes in this drawing, but I agree with the background question, and soon as I can I will rethink it. =)


The slast one is great! I agree with the white backgroung


Sorry for grammar mistake, I was in hurry. Anyway I think that you could also focus on one of the two designs and work on it, it would be amazing too.

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