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My new comic! Issue 1 is freeeee!!! Doombug 13

Doom Bug 13 #1... Free for you to download. 

by (right) Clicking this image you can save the CBR file that contains the entire story!

it's not amazing, it's nothing special, but it's mine and i finished this one.

Consider it an introduction to these 2 characters: Brooke Dexter & Dan Abnormal. 

enjoy! or not, (i know it's not very good)...but have a very happy holiday, regardless.

download comic rack  to view this file on your desktop.

download comic flow to view this on your ipad.

you can also flip through it here: DB13 on Issuu

and if you're keen on paying me for this download, just paypal me whatever you want.

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db13 can previously be seen on my only threadles print (that wasn't a collab)


This is awesome! :-D Doing a comic is no easy feat so congrats. Really love the cover, looks so nice and the different colors on the inside are amazing. Going to do any physical copies eventually? I love independent comics, I have a bunch and wish I had more.


Yeah I was just going to ask if you have actual physical copies for sale? I occasionally buy comics and love the feel of a real book


well, i have 4 or 5 more stories to tell in this series...the next one is teased on the last page. so i don't see getting any made anytime soon... i'd probably want to do the whole graphic novel, rather than individual issues. glad you guys like it!


ahhh that makes sense. :) i know printing anything yourself can be expensive.


but if you have an IPAD you can get this super easy and read it on there...and any other tablet that has an app for CBR files.

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awesome dude!!


This is awesome man! Amazing work congrats! I've been planning on releasing comics as well so this is a real inspiration!

C Kid

Nice work! I enjoyed flipping thru it!


glad you folks like it! the 2nd story will be least the art will.

also each of the chapter headings is a song title.


awesome, congrats!!


One of my dreams is to make a comic. Congrats pal! :)


downloading this now. It looks seriously awesome, I LOVE the cover.


Congrats on finishing & putting out your own book. I know it's not easy. I myself wrestle with trying to decide if I should self publish a couple of my characters. Hope you find an audience w/it, and good luck w/Kickstarter and/or a publisher hopefully picking it up!


great work!


thanky thanky! this one was a pain, and there's a lot wrong with it in various ways...but it's just an introduction to a bigger story, one that i'm keen to tell. writing it is the first hard part. the 2nd hard part is doing the page layouts (not the final art) and the 3rd is keeping excited about it enough to keep motivated.


do you have this posted on facebook to? that way I can share it?? I've a few FB friends who might be interested too and I'd rather linky them a share of your post if possible.

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