Non t-shirt design skills challenges... just a thought

so i could really do with broadening my design skills beyond the medium of cotton, but everytime I try, a lack of motivation, feedback sends me scurrying back to shirts.
i bought one of those Graphic Design project books which has like 80 things to broaden your skills and add to your portfolio, but with no one to bounce off or compare to i find it a little bit pointless and I get bored pretty quickly.

So I was thinking of starting (or getting someone else to help me start) a bloggers skills challenge. I was thinking something along the lines of once a week/fortnight/whatever a project is nominated - lets say for examples sake, week 1: Design a wine bottle label or packaging for tea bags or a magazine cover with a specific theme in mind etc etc etc. Everyone does their bit, gets feedback from their WIPS and at the end of the time scale when final shots are in, a winner is voted on. There would be no prize except pride of course and it would have very little to do with Threadless - we wouldn't be aiming to get subs out of it or anything - but as this is a group of pretty skilled individuals on here, I thought that it would be a good place to learn off each other.

For logistics sake, I think we would have to limit number for each project, but these are all just kinks that can be ironed out.

Anyway, what do people think - is it something any of you think you would be interested in?

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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Sounds fun to me. Would be nice to have a variety of things in my portfolio. :-)

EZFL profile pic Alumni

A great way to refresh/improve your skills without the added pressure of a boss or paying client. I'm in.

I hate that it's so hard to motivate yourself to do this sort of stuff on your own.

digsy profile pic Alumni

awesome, three keen. you guys have any thoughts on how it will actually work? i also thought in the meantime that maybe the winner could get to nominate the next project


tea bags


Sounds like a good idea, but i've no much time these days. I'd watch this so i'd may participate in the future.

Akaka profile pic Alumni

Good idea! Not sure how actively I'd be able to participate but I'm interested.

olie! profile pic Alumni

This is a fantastic idea. I may participate if it becomes reality and if I find the time.

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

I would like to be in on this, sounds like a great idea. I have trouble motivating myself doing other projects as well beside t-shirt design. Lets make it happen!

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