My spidey senses tell me that you guys can help me before submitting "SpideySenses"

Hey guys need your help before submitting this one.

Watch this

sorry nº 3 and 6 they have hilights on spidey and the fly ill post it if necessary.


I want to say I've seen this concept done before but I can't think of when/where. If you decide to sub it I would work on integrating into the shirt some more. The random black lines on the top right throw me off a bit. Maybe he should be towards the middle of the web ready to attack?


the lines are a corner inside a house and "ready to attack" don't think it will look good because he has spidey sense tingling so he just noticed that the fly is on his web thanks for your feedback GoldenGod02 appreciate it.


need more feed back everyone before submitting!

henry botelho

yeah, the corner doesnt look good. Maybe he could be holding at the shirt. I like the red shirt.


thanks Henry


change the corner.


need some feed back soon please comment!

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